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Forties to Noughties Clothing

When my mother passed away leaving me with the decision as to what to do with clothes and jewellery she had left me. I decided I didn't want to sell them at car boot sales and as I love vintage I decided to open a shop. Little did I know how it would escalate!

Over the past 7 years Forties to Noughties has become known across the whole of the North of England for an eclectic mix of modern retro and true vintage clothing and accessories. We have even supplied period clothing for TV.  We have customers in Spain and Turkey and inquiries from as far afield as Australia and Russia!

We have supplied stage outfits to many drag acts including the world famous Bosom Buddies, Kitty Litter and Funny Girls. In fact we have even had a visit from members of two very famous bands prior to performing in the Winter Gardens Blackpool. Everyone can find something at Forties to Noughties. With the changing shopping habits we are now finding that most people are looking for us online. So we are launching F2N Online and hope to spread the word about our little Aladdin's cave. Have a browse see if you can find a little gem!

Facebook messenger, email or just phone us with whatever you need and we'll do the rest, delivered to your door.